"The price of liberty is eternal vigilance. - Wendell Phillips"

El precio de la libertad es la vigilencia eterna.


This is a travel blog. A place where I can offer in a random and whimsical fashion those things which make my life so much more interesting at this time. A diary, you could call it. Although lacking in the day-to-day details that make personal diaries so tempting in their banality.

It presents small snapshots in a larger experience, lights along a path if you like, providing others a small window into my wanderings and is to me a snapshot of the road travelled.

General Region

The exchange has finished and this is now the mad dash to visit the country in which I had initially planned to study … Colombia.

Who I Am

A veinteañero student from Australia who took time out to travel around South America for six months, then studied on exchange in Santiago de Chile, then continued travelling before resuming his studies in Australia. Bitten by love in Colombia he returned to South America to live and teach English for 18 months in Medellín and now really has to return and finish his degree.